It’s finally here — the “new” Google Shopping.

Google announced their improved Shopping experience in May of 2019, but the platform just recently went live in the US on July 21st. Amidst the excitement of this new development, you might be wondering: what even is this new Google Shopping? What about Google Shopping Ads or Shopping Actions?

Simply put, this revamp is a combination of the best aspects of both Google Express and Google Shopping. Following successful launches in both India and France, Google figured it was time to unveil their newest development in the US.

It’s no coincidence that Google released their newest shopping platform on the heels of Amazon’s biggest Prime Day event ever. The new Google Shopping is actually a response to an increased percentage of US shoppers starting their buying journey on Amazon rather than on Google. It seems as though they felt the pressure and decided it was time to step up their game.

So, what is it? What's new?

This version of Google Shopping offers consumers a highly personalized shopping experience based on web activity from their Gmail and Google accounts. Now, consumers can browse and compare products from partners such as Boxed, Walmart, Costco Wholesale, Target, and more.

what's new with google shopping

Customers can also sort and filter their search based on prices, brands, and sales. Ultimately, however, Google will not be stocking products – this is, after all, a merging of Google Shopping and Google Express. Google will either be processing sales on behalf of the retailers on Google Express, or linking to third party sites – as traditionally done with Google Shopping.

Why you should care

Various features of the new Google Shopping can be extremely beneficial to retailers.

For one, as a search engine powerhouse, Google tailors your customers’ search to meet their individual shopping needs. This means that your product will show up in the search of customers who might really be interested in buying from your company. This isn’t only beneficial for you, but think of how easy shopping will become for your customers. Their shopping experience is entirely geared towards their own interests, or that which they've searched for already in Google at least.

The Google Shopping experience beats Amazon in simplification and organization, too. The polished “Material Design” landing page may pull even more buyers to Google Shopping and eventually to your business, as well. With its simple design and vibrant colors, Google Shopping eases browsers into an equally easy and pleasant shopping experience. On this personalized homepage, customers can filter their search, read reviews, and watch product videos, too. Here, style meets substance seamlessly.

google shopping revamp redesign

Their entire aim in rolling out the new Google Shopping is to make search shoppable. In other words, customers will have a one-stop shop for all things search and shopping. There’s even a new “Buy with Google Guarantee” option in which Google handles shipping, handling, refunds, and customer support.

Both you and your customers benefit from working with Google Shopping. Everything’s in one place for everyone. With this in mind, customers can purchase products directly from Google, on the retailer’s website, or in a brick-and-mortar store. Google will even alert shoppers when their order is ready to be picked up in-store.

How you can benefit

There’s some good news for all of you Shopping Actions merchants. If you already have a campaign running on Shopping Actions or Google Express, you’ll be automatically included in Google’s new Shopping experience. Google Shopping merchants will be able to advertise their products on mobile, desktop, and on Google Shopping’s Progressive Web App.

With Google Shopping, your ecommerce business will reap the benefits of both Google Express, a marketplace for various retailers on various platforms, and Google Shopping, a way to strategically advertise your products to consumers.

Basically, any perks you received from either Shopping Actions or Shopping Ads will be the same here – probably in greater abundance, too. Google Shopping provides retailers with increased visibility, an active audience, and a simplified experience which all work together to boost your business’s sales and exposure. Google Shopping’s emphasis on personalization and ease has the potential to hugely impact your business.

To conclude

Merchants have a huge opportunity to profit from Google’s new Shopping experience.

With personalized search and shopping, clean and polished landing pages, and the backing of Google’s wealth of search engine knowledge, both you and your customers will come out on top. The improved Google Shopping experience is just that, an experience; Google Shopping is a streamlined shopping experience that can increase your business’s exposure and sales.

Heard enough? OK Google, let’s go shopping.