Google for Retail is a comprehensive ecommerce solution with multiple surfaces for your product ads, each with its own unique benefits.

Here we explore each surface and how you can use each to grow your business.

You can download the full infographic here.

Listings on Google

What is now referred to as "Listings on Google" is what we used to generalize as "Google Shopping."

That's no longer the case as Google aims to differentiate between the engine that delivers product listings across various surfaces and the Google Shopping portal.

Listings on Google surface your products on Google search results pages (SRPs), Google Shopping, Google Images, Google Lens, and Google Maps.

google for retail surfaces across google listings on google

Buy on Google

By cutting out the middleman, "Buy on Google" simplifies the checkout experience.

It makes it so that shoppers can purchase your products right as they discover them without leaving Google. And even though transactions happen on Google, you don't pay commission. You can even use your own payment gateways if you use PayPal or Shopify.

With Buy on Google, your listings are eligible to appear in Google's Shopping tab, the Google Shopping portal, the Google Shopping app, and can be bought through Google Assistant.

google for retail buy on google listings

Smart Shopping Campaign Ads

Google has tapped into the power of machine learning so you can just outline a goal for your Smart Shopping campaigns and they'll take care of everything else.

This means identifying which users are potential customers, what products those potential customers are most likely to buy, and even when they're most likely to buy. With smart shopping ads, Google automates ad placement and bidding for maximum conversion value at your given budget.

These ads are displayed across literally all of Google's surfaces, so they can reach your customers whenever they're online. This includes SRPs, Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

google for retail smart shopping campaign ads

Manufacturer Center Listings

By submitting a manufacturer-specific product feed to Manufacturer Center, you'll make it even easier for shoppers to explore the depth of your product catalog. You can even highlight the product features that you know matter most to your market.

Manufacturer Center also gives you insights you don't get anywhere else like advanced analytics, competing product data, average selling price across retailers, accumulated performance, and more.

Manufacturer Center listings appear on Google SRPs.

google for retail manufacturer center listings

Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are mobile-first, visually rich ads that use "the power of intent." Discovery ads bring the power of Google's audience-matching algorithm to ecommerce.

This is a great opportunity to get in front of hand-picked shoppers.

Discovery ads position your products on a variety of Google surfaces, including Gmail, Google Discover, the Google mobile app, and YouTube.

google for retail discovery ads

Local Inventory Ads

Shopping-related "near me" searches have increased 3x over the past two years. This is low-hanging fruit for merchants with local inventories.

Local inventory ads also come with an added layer of metrics to help you understand the impact Google ads have on offline sales.

Google local inventory ads surface your locally available catalog in three ways:

  • Google Search, where product listings are accompanied by location and stock information.
  • Google uses your feed to answer shopping-related questions in your area via Google Assistant and Google Home.
  • Search queries related to matching products will show your listings along with location and stock information on Google Images.
google for retail local inventory ads

Leverage Google for Retail

Access all Google for Retail programs from a single integration.

GoDataFeed makes it easy to connect your store and optimize your product data for optimal performance on all Google for Retail surfaces.

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