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Convert more shoppers with better affiliate network feeds.

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Publish across affiliate marketing networks.

Bypass the complexities of file-formatting and affiliate network compliance standards. GoDataFeed organizes your data in a way that's suitable for submission so your best data automatically comes through each time your affiliate network feed runs.
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Optimized Affiliate Network Feeds Yield Better Results

No bid, no budget, no magic wand can make up for bad data. If the product data you send to affiliate networks lacks in quality, your products won't get much traction. We give you the tools to create high-performance product listings with little-to-no effort.

Product feeds are not simple tasks but GoDataFeed makes it easier with smart mapping strategies, a great rule system, and intelligent support.
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Get More Out of Your Product Data

Better product data is your key to success. Unlock your products' selling potential.

one click affiliate feeds
One-Click Integration

With integrations to 200+ channels and shopping cart platforms, we make it easy to get your products in front of more shoppers.

streamline affiliate feeds
Streamline Efforts

Automate complex feed management tasks to save you time and reduce your costs while improving the quality of your product feeds.

control affiliate feed performance
Control Performance

Create high-quality, data feeds and use tracking features to analyze performance and adjust strategies for each channel and/or SKU.

smart affiliate feed catalogs
Smart Catalogs

Map product information quickly and simplify how you manage product options and define variations with easy-to-create rules.

enhanced affiliate feed product data
Enhance Product Data

Enhance product data with dynamic rule-based optimization features or bring in additional data using flat files.

affiliate feed experts on support
Experts on Support

U.S.-based and super knowledgeable. We all build feeds daily to ensure we're at the top of our game when it's time to help you.

“Multi-pronged marketing endeavor probably seems daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Companies like GoDataFeed exist to help simplify the process.”
“GoDataFeed makes it easy for merchants to market their products on comparison shopping engines including Bing, Google Shopping, Facebook and Shopzilla.”
“GoDataFeed's low cost solution provides a single point of integration to optimize, automate and track product feeds.”
“Our team optimizes shopping feeds at a granular level – using GoDataFeed – honing every data point that helps determine performance.”
“Companies like GoDataFeed provide solutions for managing multiple data feeds. They also automatically upload your feed daily, or even more frequently.”
“Data feed tools automate the process and will undoubtedly save you some energy to tackle larger tasks at hand. Personally, I’ve had good experiences with GoDataFeed.”
“Look at more advanced data feed management tools like GoDataFeed [for] the heavy lifting to get your feed in the right format.”
“GoDataFeed is considered by many to be king of the castle when it comes to data feed tools.”
“We love GoDataFeed and use it all the time.  Iit is really simple to integrate GoDataFeed into your WooCommerce website.”