What is product feed management automation?

Product feed management automation is the use of software to organize, optimize and distribute product listings. It allows sellers to take control of how and where their products appear online -- while making their jobs easier and their marketing more effective, which is important because...

The retail experience has changed.

Multichannel marketing is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have. Today’s ecommerce marketer thrives by creating compelling product experiences that are brand-consistent yet channel-specific.

Giving shoppers more ways to discover your products... Delivering optimized data within the context of those channels gives shoppers more reasons to love your products... This is the new retail experience. And it’s powered by GoDataFeed.

Outshine competitors

Scalable Performance

Automate the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of your shopping campaigns.

Boost EfficienCy

100% Compliance

Build compliant product feeds using our tailored channel templates that are ready to sell.

Maintain Accuracy

Fresh Product Data

Automatically fetch product update deltas, marketplace orders and returns.

Designed for Busy Sellers

Do More In Less Time

Improve shopping experience
Create consistent branding
Tailor ads to channel context
Go to market faster
Enhance product data quality
Grow your shopper audience
Reduce wasted ad spend
Boost productivity