This week Google Ads notified users that standard Google Shopping campaigns will soon be surfaced on Gmail.

Gmail, meet Google Shopping!

In an email sent out to advertisers, both Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads will be eligible to appear on Gmail starting the week of March 4, 2020.

When this update rolls out, Shopping ads served on Gmail will be reported under the Google Display Network. Your standard Shopping campaigns will be automatically set to run on Gmail if they are opted into "YouTube, Gmail and Discover." 

How to check your campaigns

Here’s how you can check if a campaign is opted into this surface:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account
  2. Click the Campaigns tab, then click the relevant Shopping campaign
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Under Networks, look for a checkbox next to YouTube, Gmail and Discover

If this is checked, your campaign is opted into the network.

Why it matters

With over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, Gmail is the most popular email network in the world. That includes over 131 million Americans, about 53% of the total US population.

Google said that this change enables Shopping campaigns to reach users "who begin and continue their shopping journey on Gmail." Surely those who begin a product search on Gmail are going to be open to finishing it if everything lines up.

This is a great addition to Google's repertoire of surfaces to market your products on.