It is not uncommon for merchants using Shopify as their ecommerce platform to experience errors in Google Merchant Center for incorrect product URLs. Google will show the error ‘URLs do not belong to your website’ if the product URL in your data feed does not match exactly that of the domain that you claimed within your Google Merchant Center.

Go Data Feed

Shopify stores are automatically given a Shopify-hosted domain name containing “.myshopify.”

Most merchants decide to purchase a custom domain name that does not contain “.myshopify.” For example, while a Shopify domain name looks like this ‘’, a custom domain would look more like ‘’ When merchants set up an account with GMC, they will most likely claim their custom domain as opposed to the Shopify one.  However, the product URL within a data feed will oftentimes reflect the Shopify-hosted one.

This is where the URL discrepancy within GMC occurs.

So how do you fix this Google error without verifying and claiming a new website URL within GMC?

Fix MyShopify URL Errors in Google Merchant

Simple: Use GoDataFeed’s replace text feature to remove the “.myshopify” from your data feed product URLs.

This feature allows you to easily remove unwanted words from the data feed and will assist you in eliminating this error within merchant center. To learn more about how GoDataFeed can help you improve and optimize your Shopify product listings, visit our page.