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GoDataFeed is the #1 tool for getting Wix products published and optimized across online marketplaces and social commerce channels.

Why GoDataFeed?

Connect your Wix store to Facebook and Instagram Shops with GoDataFeed

Match made in Meta

Understanding Meta’s New Requirements

As Meta expands its capabilities with new features such as in-app checkout, the demands on your feed management system intensify. Your business needs a solution that can handle complex, updated requirements without missing a beat.
The new standard: Meta has updated its integration requirements to include features like in-app checkout, demanding more from your feed management system.
Consequences for other apps: Older solutions fall short as they cannot handle these new complexities, potentially leaving your business behind.

Frequently asked questions by Wix users

What is GoDataFeed?

GoDataFeed is a centralized platform for managing and optimizing product data across multiple channels, simplifying the process for online retailers to manage, update, and enhance their product listings efficiently.

What is Meta Business Extension?

MBE, or Meta Business Extension, is a tool required by Meta for businesses to manage and integrate their online stores across Meta platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. It allows for seamless integration of shopping features, ensuring businesses can effectively manage their storefronts, handle in-app checkouts, and align with Meta's ecommerce policies.

How does GoDataFeed help in product data management?

GoDataFeed provides automated optimization based on each channel's specific requirements, content enhancements like keyword injection, and automated updates to product listings and inventory, ensuring data accuracy and up-to-date information.

What is a Shop on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram Shops offer a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can easily set up an online store for free. Customers can browse, explore, and buy products directly without ever leaving the app.

What do I need to get started?

First, check your eligibility: Make sure your business qualifies for a shop by visiting Facebook’s business help page. Next, prepare your catalog: Either set up a new one or optimize your existing catalog to ensure your product listings are ready and suitable for Facebook and Instagram. Finally, set up in Commerce Manager: Use the Commerce Manager on Facebook to create your shop, design your collections, and manage your product listings.

If Facebook and Instagram Shops are free, why do I need GoDataFeed?

GoDataFeed is not strictly necessary, but it is highly beneficial. And even though you can start a shop at no cost, GoDataFeed provides significant advantages over the “free” alternative… which is to do it all on your own. Simply link your Wix store with GoDataFeed to synchronize your product catalog to Facebook and Instagram. Plus, GoDataFeed provides tools to enhance your listings—like optimizing product photos and descriptions—and effectively manages your data across various platforms.

How much does it cost to sync my Wix store to Facebook and Instagram with GoDataFeed?

GoDataFeed offers various special pricing plans to Wix users, tailored to accommodate your business needs.

Is product feed management suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely. Product feed management is scalable and can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, it can be a crucial step in leveling the playing field against larger competitors.

Do I need technical skills to manage the product feed software?

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly. While having some technical background can be helpful, it's not a requirement. We also offer fully managed feed services that lift the burden entirely off your team.

How does product feed management integrate with Wix?

Our software is built to seamlessly integrate with Wix and we work closely with Wix to continue developig solutions tailored to their users. This ensures a smooth flow of data between your online store and the various sales channels you target.

How do I manage orders coming from Facebook and Instagram?

With GoDataFeed’s Order Sync feature, you can integrate with your Wix store to manage orders from Facebook and Instagram. This ensures that updates in one system are reflected across all platforms, keeping your operations smooth and synchronized.

Case studies

See how GoDataFeed helps Wix merchants thrive

GoDataFeed was the perfect solution to help our gourmet food store grow and gain exposure. Their feed platform and support team helped us syndicate our product listings easily and seamlessly.

Amit Mitra

Olive Nation

With Feed Management by GoDataFeed we were able to identify our ‘blind spots’ and execute the right strategies for our ecommerce store.

Kadion Preston

Founder and CEO

We wanted a tool we could fully use ourselves without having to go through a representative to make changes. GoDataFeed gives us full control.

Landon Perry

Green Line Digital
Meta Business Extension Guide

How to Connect the Meta Business Extension: A Guide

Please downlaod and review our MBE Guide to learn how to connect the Meta Business Extension in your feed for Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops .

Download MBE Guide

MBE is a popup-based, Meta-owned interface that lives onGoDataFeed sites as a plugin

MBE helps businesses connect their products and services with Facebook and Instagram

Once connected in GoDataFeed, MBE simplifies the integration process with Meta


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