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We Did the Math

A dedicated data feed manager optimizes more than just your product feeds


avg. increase in CTR after using a feed management solution


avg. increase in impressions/views after optimizing product feeds


avg. increase in revenue after adopting a multichannel strategy

Based on GoDataFeed user benchmarks - 2022-2023

The Strategy Gap

Expert feed management for flawless operations

Feed errors. Missed targeting opportunities. Shallow indexing. Product feeds issues are more than mere hiccups, they can set off a chain reaction that impacts your entire business.

Fulfilment issues

When your product feeds are inaccurate, it can lead to incorrect stock levels being displayed. This can result in accepting orders you can't fulfill, causing shipping delays and inventory headaches.

Strain on custome service

Inaccurate feeds often lead to incorrect product descriptions or availability status. This results in a surge of customer queries, overwhelming your customer service team and diluting the quality of support.

Rise in returns and refunds

Wrong product information can set incorrect expectations. When the product received doesn't match what was promised, it leads to a higher rate of returns and refunds, affecting your bottom line.

Damage to reputation

Consistent issues stemming from inaccurate feeds can tarnish your brand's reputation. Negative reviews and social media backlash can have a long-term impact on customer trust.

Operational disruptions

The ripple effect of inaccurate feeds can extend to your procurement, warehousing, and even accounting departments. It creates a loop of inefficiency that requires time and resources to fix.

Limited scalability

Inaccurate product feeds not only affect your current operations but also stifle your ability to scale. When your data is unreliable, venturing into new channels or seizing emerging market opportunities becomes a gamble.
Case Study
Case Study

Streamlining Caribshopper's complex catalog for Google Shopping success

Caribshopper, a leading online marketplace for Caribbean-made products, faced the challenge of standardizing a uniquely diverse product catalog. With GoDataFeed, they not only navigated Google's complex requirements but also optimized their product listings, leading to significant gains in both paid and organic traffic.

15% Increase in Sales
Through Google Shopping ads, optimized by GoDataFeed.
17% Boost in Organic Traffic
Achieved on Google Shopping.
80+ Hours Saved
In attempting to get products approved on Google Merchant Center.
GoDataFeed provides an intuitive experience to optimize the success of PLAs and other feed-based marketing efforts for our clients.
American Eagle
I went from data feed know-nothing to feed ninja! The interface is intuitive, the documentation is super clear, and when I needed it help was always there.
Bitters & Bottles
We work with some of the world’s most inspiring brands. We need a feed platform that can keep up. GoDataFeed fits the bill.
Roar Media
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