Case Study

Pool Geek

Pool Geek triples its daily orders by diving into Buy on Google.
Pool Geek

3x more orders per day on average

23% more new customers

$55 average order value


Pool Geek evolved from a traditional “mom and pop” swimming pool store in Brighton, Michigan, founded in 1974. The company ships over 25,000 orders yearly -- all of these orders from their own inventory, with all of their own employees -- and reaches over $4,000,000 in sales.

As a highly seasonal shop whose yearly sales were concentrated on the summer and pre-summer months, Pool Geek was looking for ways to create year-round sales.


GoDataFeed, a product data feed platform, streamlines how retailers manage, optimize and publish products across the Web.  Fully integrated with over 200 channels, the platform allows retailers to spend less time formatting and enhancing product data so they can spend more time selling.

Using GoDataFeed, Pool Geek was able to increase sales on Google Shopping Actions while significantly  improving inventory accuracy, shipping and defect rates.


Google Shopping Actions has increased merchant’s out-of-season sales while also attracting more new customers than traditional Google Shopping PLA and Text Ads combined -- although AOV has been smaller than Shopping and Text ads, which is to be expected as out-of-season customers buy to save rather than in bulk.

“What’s working for me is combining both Google Shopping’s pay-per-click platform for broader exposure with Google Shopping Actions’ risk-free, commission-based model -- enabling me to get the best of both worlds and reach more customers who are seeking that frictionless shopping experience.” - Matt Austin, Founder, Pool Geek

This combination of exposure to new shoppers and steady repeat business has proven Shopping Actions’ viability as a marketing channel – and a great supplemental channel to Shopping and Text ads.