Case Study

Chess House

Chess House achieved 6% conversion rates from shopping engines at 10% cost per acquisition using GoDataFeed.
Chess House

6% conversion rates on comparison shopping engines

10% cost per acquisition on shopping engines

10% of total revenue from shopping engines


Chess House, a fixture in the US chess community since 1972, experienced steady growth thanks to a strong local presence and loyal catalog subscribers. The new challenge for its owner, Raphael Neff, was finding the right tools to reach a new generation of chess players online.

“Finding the bridge from my store to the major comparison shopping engines was critical for our growth,” Neff says. “GoDataFeed is the bridge between our products and Amazon. We wouldn’t be driving so much revenue if we didn’t have that connection.”

After optmizing his feed campaigns, Neff acheived better performance from his product listings, gaining wider visibility for his store. Comparison shopping engines now account for 10% of total revenue and CPA has come down to as little as 10%.


Chess House was spending too much time and resources processing data feeds.

Bogged down by spreadsheets and manual submissions, Neff knew he needed a more effective method of delivering product data to the major CSEs.

“We were largely reliant on a process where I was manually updating our inventory from spreadsheets,” says Neff. “We were only doing a couple of engines because it was just too time-consuming.”


Neff found that working with GoDataFeed both streamlined his data feed management and optimized his product data – making his campaigns more effective. “GoDataFeed helped us achieve better data quality,” Neff says, “Which brought us higher-quality traffic and lowered our CPA.”

Through GoDataFeed, Neff was able to leverage Volusion’s robust inventory data and get better results from his product listings.

At least 10% of Chess House’s total revenue now comes from CSEs and Neff sees even more room for growth. Key performance indicators saw improvements as well; CPAs came down as conversion rates went up.

“By using GoDataFeed we cut down data management time and the quality of our product feeds is much higher,” Neff says. “GoDataFeed helped us increase revenue significantly.”