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Reduce the challenges of marketing and selling your products online with our data feed and channel integration experts by your side. We'll help maximize your online presence with fully compliant, optimized product feeds to power your campaigns.

Feed Management
An extension of your team

Dedicated to Growing Your Business

Done-for-You Product Feeds

Why spend hours building, managing, and troubleshooting feeds when you could lean on a team of experts to do it for you?

Maximize Product Visibility

Never miss another sale due to non-compliant SKUs. We work through your catalog to clear errors and warnings for 100% product visibility.

Performance Optimization

Boost audience engagement and gain impression share for target keywords. Under your direction, we optimize products based on campaign objectives.

Proactive Feed Monitoring

Keeping your product data flowing is critical to campaign success. We monitor your feeds continuously and work to resolve issues so you don’t have to.

Compliance Troubleshooting

Who do you turn to when feeds fail, SKUs are rejected, and KPIs dip? We have the channel resources and knowledge to help you avoid downtime.

Dedicated Support

Unlike other services, we give you a dedicated point of contact who understands your business goals and is invested in your success.

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Your Guiding Hand to Ecommerce Success

Multichannel marketing is the best way to reach more shoppers at precisely the right time. But getting your products up and running on Google and Microsoft and Facebook and Instagram and TikTok and Pinterest and Snapchat and — everywhere — requires time and effort.

We get you where you want to go (up). Our experts lift the burden of data feed management and make the climb up the ecommerce mountain smoother, safer, and more fun.

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Feed Management
Feed Management

What's the Cost of Inefficient Data Feed Management?

How much revenue are you losing to SKU errors? How much ad spend are you wasting on unoptimized products?

Not to mention the labor cost of the hours your team spends formatting, optimizing, and compiling catalog data into channel-ready feeds. The time it takes to connect APIs, generate feedpull URLs, and set up FTP servers. To troubleshoot compliance errors. To monitor feed health. And to take action when something goes wrong.

We've done the math, and yes, there is in fact a cost to inefficient data feed management. So go ahead and crunch the numbers. If you're anything like our 2,000 customers, we're confident Feed Management by GoDataFeed will make your marketing more effective and your job a little easier.

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The turnaround time on the response and the delivery of the precise answers we need has made working with GoDataFeed an absolute pleasure.

Jon Kagan | VP of Search | 9Rooftops

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“Look at more advanced data feed management tools like GoDataFeed [for] the heavy lifting to get your feed in the right format.”
“GoDataFeed is considered by many to be 'king of the castle' when it comes to data feed tools. It’s integrated with many CSEs in addition to Google Shopping.”