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Google Shopping Campaign Optimization 5-Step Plan

Optimizing every level of your campaign structure gives you the best chance of breaking out of crowded Google product SERPs. In this ebook, we give you the 5-step plan pro sellers use to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns.

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Shopping ad optimization = feed optimization.
Frederick Vallaeys, Search Engine Land

of shoppers see product content as and extremely important part of buying decision


Boost in impressions after product data optimization


Boost in CTR after product data optimization

What's inside?


Chapter 1: Developing Your Campaign Strategy

  • Using keyword research to identify market opportunities
  • Segmenting products into groups for easier, more effective audience targeting
  • Setting goals based on your most important key performance indicators (KPI)

Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Google Shopping Feed

  • Understanding how Quality Score affects performance
  • Using product data to boost Ad Relevance
  • Google feed attribute optimization tips, examples and explanations 

Chapter 3: Selecting a Bidding Strategy

  • Identifying your business’ unique bidding factors
  • Applying “levers” to optimize chosen bidding strategy
  • Budget hacks
  • Ad delivery optimization

Chapter 4: Managing Campaign Performance

  • Understanding daily vs monthly KPI
  • How to measure and monitor daily KPI
  • How to measure and monitor monthly KPI

Chapter 5: Future-Proof Optimization

  • Identifying the KPIs that need your attention
  • Developing a plan of action


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