The 5-Step Plan We Use to Optimize Our Google Shopping Campaigns

Optimizing every level of your campaign structure gives you the best chance of breaking out of crowded Google product SERPs. In this ebook, we give you the 5-step plan pro sellers use to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns.

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What's In this eBook?

A Clearer Path to Optimization

Google Shopping campaign optimization is a must. But how do you get started? There's a lot to do if you want to stay competitive. In this ebook we break down the optimization process into 5 steps that give you a clearer path to success.

Campaign Strategy

Learn how to create a sustainable and repeatable plan of action that will set your campaign up for long-term success.

PLA Optimization

Basic product data feeds won't outperform the competition. Go beyond basics with these advanced feed tips.

Bidding Strategies

Learn how to strike the perfect balance between minimal budget impact and maximum impression share.

Ensuring ROAS

See why even the most sophisticated Google Shopping campaign will fail if it’s not monitored and optimized regularly.

Ongoing Optimization

Apply our monitoring techniques and learn how to take action on insights to ensure long-term profitability.

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We give you a top-down guided approach that's easy to follow, yet measurably effective. Follow these steps to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns.

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