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The Retailer's Guide to Amazon Sponsored Products

With literally millions of products to compete with, it can be tough to reach the top of Amazon's search results, especially with new products. So how do you make sure your products are getting the attention they deserve? In this ebook we show you how to use Amazon Sponsored Products to cut through the crowded marketplace and reach more shoppers.

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Put your listings in front of buyers who use your key search terms.
Justin Boggs, Forbes

of Americans who shop online search on Amazon


Sponsored Products conversion rate among Prime members


the total number of products on Amazon (and growing)

What's inside?


Part 1: Boosting Product Discoverability

  • Multiplying potential impressions and clicks
  • More control with Sponsored Products keyword targeting
  • Benefits of using Sponsored Products

Part 2: Launching a Sponsored Products

  • Campaign Eligibility requirements for Sponsored Products
  • Pre-campaign planning
  • Launching your first Sponsored Products campaign Campaign maintenance

Part 3: Optimizing Your Sponsored Products

  • Understanding the complexities of Sponsored Products
  • Creating single SKU ad groups
  • Writing product listing titles that get the click
  • Bidding based on relevance
  • Monitoring Amazon’s automatic keywords
  • Campaign quality
  • Campaign budget
  • Adapting based on performance


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