Online Consumer Financing:

The Future of eCommerce

In this ebook, we show you how to adopt the point-of-sale checkout financing that's making shoppers happy — and increasing sales by up to 45%.

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What's In this eBook?

Why use checkout financing?

Purchase what you need when you need it and pay it later! Consumers know exactly how much they'll need to pay on a checkout financing loan each month - It won't rise or fall.

Benefits of multi-lender

Single lenders are typically limited to a single financing offer. Multi-lenders provide personalized financing offers allowing the consumer to select the best option for them!

Goodbye credit cards!

Did you know that 63% of millennial's do not own a single credit card? Point-of-Sale Checkout Financing is rapidly becoming the payment method of choice!

Problem solved

31% of abandoned carts happen because 1) consumers don't trust sites with CC info and 2) because of a lack of payment options. Checkout financing solves both.

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How does consumer financing differ from traditional checkout?

It’s a lot easier to swipe a credit card for $20 than it is for a $2,000 purchase. The same goes for online checkout. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable when it comes to something like a computer or an armchair, which retail for hundreds if not thousands of dollars baseline.

The advent of instant consumer financing provides an alternative. Instead of paying the full price upfront—charging hundreds or thousands to a credit card—it enables shoppers to get the item they want now, with an affordable payback plan in place. It’s a solution with broad-ranging benefits for shoppers, not least of which is avoiding a major charge upfront.

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Learn how to apply POS checkout financing to your online store with this guided tutorial from the financing experts at ChargeAfter.

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