The Seller's Guide to Google Shopping Actions

Google Shopping Actions presents an exciting opportunity for merchants. Through Shopping Actions, merchants can reach shoppers across multiple Google retail surfaces -- including shoppable Google Images, shoppable videos on YouTube, Google Express and Google Assistant-enabled devices.

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What's In this eBook?

Navigate the Shift to Shopping Actions

In this ebook we take you inside the Google Shopping Actions process. What it is, how it works, why you'll benefit from it and how to get started. Download your free copy right now and start selling!

How Does it Work?

Learn how Shopping Actions differs from Google Shopping -- and why it's it might soon be the ecommerce standard.

Are You Eligible?

Quickly identify if you'd be a candidate to join Google's exclusive multichannel selling program.

How Does It Benefit Merchants?

See all the benefits to joining Shopping Actions in detail and determine for yourself if the program is right for you.

Requirements for Entry

Before you apply to join, make sure you check off this list first. It will give you the best chance of getting approved.

Best Practices to Ensure Success

You're in the program. Now what? Follow these best practices to make sure you crush it on Shopping Actions.

How to Get Started

Follow the steps outlined in this section to get started with Google Shopping Actions.

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We give you a top-down guided approach that's detailed yet easy to follow. Use the outlined steps in the ebook to get into Google's new multichanel shopping platform.

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