Google is Shifting to Shopping Actions. Are You?

Google recently announced that Shopping Actions will play an increasingly important role in its retail ads strategy. From image SERPs to YouTube videos, Shopping Actions will be the exclusive format to deliver shoppable experiences.

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Getting Started

How to Launch a Shopping Actions Store

Request Whitelisting Into the Program

The first step is to let Google know you're interested in the Shopping Actions program. Fill out the form below to request whitelisting into the program.


Complete Storefront Setup

Once whitelisted, you can go into Merchant Center to find the Shopping Actions tab. There you'll set up your store, accept terms and submit your store for review.


Activate Storefront

After submitting your store for review, Google will evaluate your store. If review is successful, you will be notified to activate your store.

The good stuff

Shopping Actions Merchant Benefits

Retailer-First Platform

Google has no intention to become a direct retailer (no competition from channel). Google wants to provide merchants with an additional tool to close the purchasing loop seamlessly.

Focus on Loyalty and Personalization

Easy re-ordering and basket building makes the shopping experience seamless. Prominent merchant branding means shoppers know whom they’re buying from.

Google Does the Heavy Lifting

Google handles first line of customer support and returns for a more uniform experience. Shopping Actions team works with merchant behind the scenes to ensure shopper satisfaction.

Pay Per Sale Commission Model

Unlike PPC models, with Shopping Actions, the merchant only pays when a sale happens. Plus there's no membership fees.

Actionable Insights

Shopping Actions provides data on sales performance, store competitiveness and product catalog assortment so you always know where you stand.

By the Numbers

Shopping Actions Stats at a Glance

of shoppers acquired via Shopping Actions are more valuable
of shoppers acquired via Shopping Actions are new to merchants
increase in AOV + an increase in coversions + decrease in costs

Request Whitelisting Into Shopping Actions

This is an exclusive promotion for GoDataFeed customers via our partnership with Google. By submitting this form you agree to sharing the information provided with Google's Shopping Actions team.