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ebay product feeds and orders
ebay product feed and order automation

eBay Feed & Order Automation

Automate inventory distribution and manage all orders from one dashboard.

manage ebay feeds easierimport product data from anywhere to ebay
eBay Marketplace Integration

Getting your products into eBay is about to get easier.

straightforward ebay integration
Straightforward Integration

Bypass the complexities of file-formatting and eBay compliance standards. Consolidate data to eliminate errors and speed up the listing process by creating one master feed as your single source of cleaned up and optimized data.

automatic ebay inventory updates
Automatic Inventory Updates

GoDataFeed organizes your data in a way that's suitable for submission so your best data automatically comes through each time your eBay feed runs.

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eBay Product Listing Optimization

Where listing automation meets data optimization.

dynamically optimized ebay listings
Dynamically Optimized Listings

Dynamic optimization allows you to create thousands of high-performance eBay listings in minutes, not hours.

rule based changes to ebay data
Rule Based Changes to Data

Modify product attributes -- like title, description, bullet points and price -- without altering source data by applying business rules change output values going to eBay.

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ebay feed automated optimization
sync ebay orders automatically
eBay order Management

Automatically sync eBay orders to your web store.

automated ebay order retrieval
Automated Order Retrieval

This is what next-generation order management looks like. Retrieve orders from eBay, sync orders to your shopping cart and update inventory levels -- without lifting a finger.

increased ebay order efficiency
Increased Order Efficiency

Stop wasting resources juggling product data, updating orders and monitoring statuses. Save time and energy with automated order flows. Avoid import issues and data entry errors -- and spend more time fulfilling orders instead.

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HIgh Performance eBay Campaigns Start Here

Get More Out of Your Product Data

Better product data is your key to success. Unlock your products' selling potential.

easy ebay integration
Easy Integration

Turnkey channel and shopping cart integrations make it easy to get your products in front of more shoppers.

better ebay feeds with less work
Less Work

Automate complex tasks to save time, reduce costs and improve the quality of product listings.

control ebay performance
Control Performance

Use tracking features to analyze performance and adjust strategies for each channel and/or SKU.

smart ebay catalogs
Smart Catalogs

Import product data from anywhere. Merge and normalize it into a smart catalog file that's ready for distribution.

enhance ebay product data
Enhance Product Data

Enhance product data with dynamic rules that automatically optimize your product feed every time it's submitted.

sync ebay orders
Sync Orders

GoDataFeed consolidates all of your orders from all the marketplaces you sell on into a single location.

update ebay inventory
Update Inventory

When an order is placed on one marketplace, GoDataFeed updates inventory across all points of sale.

manage ebay returns
Manage Returns

Marketplace returns are synced to your shopping cart and, when the return is complete, inventory is updated.

ebay experts on support
Experts on Support

Our team of experts adds decades of combined ecommerce experience to your shopping campaigns.

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“Companies like GoDataFeed provide solutions for managing multiple data feeds. They also automatically upload your feed daily, or even more frequently.”
“Data feed tools automate the process and will undoubtedly save you some energy to tackle larger tasks at hand. Personally, I’ve had good experiences with GoDataFeed.”
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