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3x our conversion rates

Working with GoDataFeed, our conversion rates have tripled. Without it, there would be a significant increase in hours and resources managing campaigns.

Brenda @ US-Mattress

Helped us grow by 30%

GoDataFeed simplified our product feed formatting and channel submission process, increased feed updates and helped our company grow by over 30%!

product feeds optimized for id zone
Jessica @ ID Zone

Terrific solution

GoDataFeed has been a terrific solution to market our wines on shopping sites, including specialty wine sites. It is easy to use and met our needs at a very reasonable cost.

product feeds trusted by wine.com
Christine @ Wine.com

Game changer

A game changer for us.  We immediately saw the value.  We did not have the time, resources, or expertise to manually maintain our dynamic product line. GoDataFeed solved our problem.

David @ Shields of Strength

These guys really care

These guys really care about delivering valuable ecommerce solutions. Can't believe we used to spend thousands a month with ChannelAdvisor.

Liz @ Anatomical Worldwide

Best service ever

Best service ever. Don't waste your time with other solutions! Top notch. Has helped my shop immensely.

Frank @ Public Market

Can do it all

While there may be other companies providing similar services, you will not find a company that can do it all and be as knowledgeable, friendly and caring as GoDataFeed.

Kevin @ Super Good Deals

Data feed ninja

I went from data feed know-nothing to feed ninja! Interface is intuitive, documentation is super clear, and when I needed it help was always there.

Joe @ Bitters + Bottles

Spectacular from start to finish

Unbelievable service. Spectacular from start to finish. I used to list products manually, after their service I will never be doing another manual listing again.

Arthur @ Frost NYC

Extremely helpful

I'm very pleased with the GoDataFeed service. Their customer support team was extremely helpful during the feed setup process. I would definitely recommend.

Chuck @ Molly Mutt

They go out of their way

They have not only provided my team with professional support, but they have gone out of their way on several occasions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Greg @ OperationROI

GoDataFeed makes it easier

Product feeds are not simple tasks but GoDataFeed makes it easier with smart mapping strategies, a great rule system, and intelligent support.

Jay @ Creative Action Network
The Product Feed Performance Platform ™

Minimize Workload, Maximize ROAS

Like a CMS for your ecommerce campaigns, GoDataFeed lets you control how your products appear online. With GoDataFeed, you make the rules.

superior product data feeds

Optimize Feeds Fast

Modify and enhance thousands of feed attributes in seconds with a powerful and easy to use rules engine.

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superior product data feeds

Get Listings Approved

Built-in channel templates guide you through the process of building each feed for full compliance.

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superior product data feeds over channel advisor

Auto-Refresh Data

Maintain informational accuracy with automated product updates and inventory changes.

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HOw We Do It

Turn Your Product Data Into PLAs that Make Shoppers Want to Click

Seamless Channel Integration

No matter where your product data comes from, we can import it, clean it up and deliver it to your shopping channels and marketplaces.


Centralized Product Data

Create a master catalog and manage it all from one dashboard. Merge all product information into one cohesive catalog. From store data to dropshipper files to agency enhancements, you're in control.


Optimized Shopping Feeds

We build feeds according to best practices for your category and channel specs. The result is a clean, compliant and optimized product feed.


Dynamic, Customizable PLAs

Bring in only the product data you want. Enhance it without disrupting your original store data. Add attributes, filter, merge, normalize, concatenate -- the possibilities are endless.


Automated Updates

The software updates your shopping cart and marketplaces simultaneously. Product information, inventory, orders and returns are synced automatically.

product feeds optimized for id zone
These guys really care about delivering actually valuable ecommerce solutions. I can't believe we used to spend thousands a month with ChannelAdvisor!
Liz @ Anatomical Worldwide

FAQs: Switching Feed Providers

Will my products be down when I switch?

PPC Channels – Products will not be down as you’ll continue to run your existing product feed until our feed has been configured, reviewed and approved. Note: Google Merchant Center may require 24 hours to process the feed. New feeds are typically up-and-running in less than 3 days; depending on the number of channels.

Marketplaces – Through the GoDataFeed we have the ability to take over existing listings. The merchant can rest assured that no existing listings will be removed by GoDataFeed unless otherwise identified by the user.

Will I lose sales when I switch?

Most channels allow up to 7 days between catalog uploads so you should not see a drop in traffic.

Will I lose my optimizations?

We cannot see the changes made to product data by other providers. For an accurate transfer of optimizations, please provide a feed from your previous service containing the optimizations you'd like us to recreate.

How long does it take to switch?

PPC Channels – 2 to 3 business days from the day of the request.

Marketplaces – 10 to 15 business days from the day of the request.

How much work is involved?

We will need to integrate your shopping cart or an export of your product data. Most shopping cart integrations can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

The process typically looks something like this: Create account > scheduled on-boarding call > complete import > request feed setup.

Do I need to setup my own feeds?

Your free trial includes a complimentary PPC feed setup. The platform provides feed templates and guided resources to help you set up your own feeds at no extra cost. If you want us to set up additional feeds (recommended), there is a fee:

PPC Channels – One-time setup charge of $99.

Marketplaces – One-time setup charge of $299 per category feed.

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