Shopping Engines

Automate Updates

Refresh product/inventory data across all channels with scheduled product updates

Mass Modify Listings

Apply automated business rules and modify any attribute using Custom Rules

Optimize in Bulk

Optimize listing titles and descriptions using easy Replace Text rules

Easy Categorization

Map products to each channel's taxonomy with built-in templates

Filter Products

Apply filters for any criteria to adapt your product selection

Validate Data Quality

Immediately know when there are errors and get insights on necessary changes

Supplemental Data

Add data from dropshippers, manufacturers and other sources using Merge File

Sale Attribution

Add UTM and third party tracking parameters to your listings

Suppress Products

Keep products from showing with automated or manual SKU suppression

Ecommerce Analytics

Measure clicks, conversions, revenue and more across channel and/or by SKU

Performance Alerts

Our analytics monitor your products and take action based on performance trends

Measure ROI

Cost Reporting provides accurate cost data and predict estimated cost of sale Testimonial

From Skeptical to Evangelist

In early March we started using GoDataFeed and by May our revenue had tripled. A majority of the increase is coming from shopping sites we feed to through GoDataFeed. We have also been very happy with the support staff, who were quick to solve the few issues we had getting setup. I was a bit skeptical at first, but have become an evangelist for GoDataFeed.

Kurt Leinbach, Marketing Manager

Grow Your Bottom Line

In the world of online retail, marketing your products on comparison shopping engines (CSEs) like Google Shopping, Shopzilla and Nextag is a must. For many merchants, CSEs can generate as much as 20% of online traffic and influence over 50% on online shopping decisions. GoDataFeed simplifies the process of setting up your feed campaigns on multiple CSEs so you can easily take control of your data and manage a continual process of optimizing listings and measuring performance. The result? More targeted sales, repeat customers and a better ROI.

Automate Multiple Feeds Seamlessly

GoDataFeed provides a single point of integration to import your product catalog and automate daily feed submissions to more than 100 shopping engines. Ensure your product listings are always up to date and in sync with your shopping cart platform -- putting an end to tedious, manual data submissions or inconsistent, poorly optimized data feeds across the web. Plus: Map products to each channel's taxonomy with built-in templates, apply filters for any criteria to adapt your product selection, use automated business rules and know immediately when there are errors or issues with your feed.

Optimize Product Data, Increase Exposure

While data quality directly impacts how often your products are found, each CSE defines this differently. GoDataFeed knows this well. Our intelligent channel-specific templates help you make the most of your product data, increasing your store's relevance and exposure on each channel. Easily populate your products’ attributes, merchandise your catalog in the right categories, and modify titles and descriptions.

Analyze Performance, Improve Profitability

Built-in analytics arm you with the data you need to be successful – simply activate to measure clicks, conversions and revenue. See which channels and products are working best for you and manually suppress products that are not. Add Performance Alerts and Cost Reporting to gain access to even more data that will empower you to make smarter, more proactive campaign decisions.


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