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Import all your data seamlessly from manufacturers, dropshippers, distributors, ERPs and all of your sources of product information into one easy-to-manage dashboard.


Preformatted templates make it easy to format your data to meet each channel's specs. And with easy-to-use rule editors, optimizing titles, descriptions and prices in bulk is a breeze.


Sync your products daily to more than 200 shopping channels, ensuring your product listings are always up-to-date with your shopping cart platform -- all from one intuitive dashboard.


Make data-driven decisions with true ecommerce analytics that identify performance patterns and outliers, alert you to trends and even take action to help you spend less and sell more.

Shopping Engines

Syndicate your product data feeds and optimize your listings to a choice of over 200 comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks and ecommerce tools.


We make selling on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, and NewEgg easier by automatically feeding product and inventory updates to the marketplaces.

Ecommerce Analytics

Leverage true ecommerce analytics to monitor product performance across channels and proactively manage performance to get the most from your campaigns.

Performance Automation

Let GoDataFeed keep your campaigns profitable by alerting you -- or even suppressing products from your feed -- when performance criteria are met.

Cost Reporting

Know what you're spending on your product feed campaigns in an instant - and make informed decisions on where to continue to invest your marketing dollars.

Order Sync

Take the time and hassle out of constantly monitoring your marketplace orders on several sites - see it all in one place with GoOrderSync.

Shopping Feeds

Automate Feeds

Publish your digital product catalog across multiple shopping engines with intuitive features to map, categorize and sync your ecommerce campaigns

Suppress Products

Filter products using any criteria -- availability, brands, pricing limits, etc. -- to adapt your catalog to your marketing goals for each channel

Maximize Exposure

Increase your product listing ads relevance with channel-specific taxonomies for easy categorization and better visibility for your products

Optimize Product Listings

Apply custom rules to optimize titles, descriptions and attributes to make product listings more relevant and shopper-friendly

Validate Feed Quality

Download SKU-based reports that give you insight into improving your data before submitting your products to shopping engines

Control Profitability

Arm yourself with powerful analytics tools that help you identify ROI winners and losers and automate profit-driven campaign decisions

Marketplace Listings

Taxonomy Mapping

Categorize your marketplace listings easily and accurately for higher search relevance

Product Filters

Apply filters to narrow your offerings on any marketplace automatically

ASIN Matching Tool

Simplify Amazon listings by matching your products' UPCs to top-selling ASIN data

Supplement Listings

Supplement product data from additional sources with Merge Files

Bulk Optimization

Easily modify your product titles, descriptions, inventory levels and pricing

Processing Reports

Get feedback and correct marketplace product listing errors on the spot

Price Adjustment

Automate price adjustments based on cost data, SKUs, profit margins, marketplace percentages and more


Sync your shopping cart and marketplace orders, and manage it all from one dashboard

Custom Feeds

Clone existing feeds or create your own feeds designed with your specific data and specs

How It Works

First, we sync your products right from your shopping cart. Once our feed experts help you get set up, there's no need to update your product data in multiple places; manage it all from one simple dashboard and feed inventory updates as often as you need.

Next, categorize your products using GoDataFeed's built-in templates and optimize your product data in bulk -- titles, descriptions, pricing and more -- to maximize exposure on each channel.

Finally, measure it all with an arsenal of analytics tools that help you ensure you're achieving a positive ROI. See exactly what you're spending where. Set performance alerts based on metrics so you can take immediate action.








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