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Product Data Feeds

Manage Data

Stop wrangling spreadsheets! Manage all of your product info and automatically retrieve updates from all of your product data sources with one tool.

  • Normalize catalog data
  • Automatically update product data
  • Merge multiple data sources

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Optimize Listings

Edit and optimize product data in bulk. Categorize products with simple rules. Suppress products. Adjust pricing. And validate feeds. All in one place.

  • Apply optimization rules in bulk
  • Save common rules for one-click application
  • Validate data before submitting to channels

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Product Feed Optimization
Product Feed Automation

Automate Updates

Maintain clean and up-to-date listings with automated feeds while our analytics continuously monitor your products and alert you to performance trends.

  • Schedule product feeds
  • Automate feed changes to channels
  • Set performance thresholds for alerts/actions

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