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We Empower Retailers for Success Online.

Since our beginnings in 2007, GoDataFeed has been reshaping the way product feeds are delivered. While the idea of an automated product feed may sound simple, we discovered early on that online retailers spend too much time on them.

We figured out that the big opportunity is not just making the feed submission process smoother, but making it easier to optimize the data to ensure the feeds themselves are profitable.

The way we see it, our job is not done when the feed is submitted. We have a vested interest in ensuring our clients are seeing a healthy return on their investment with us.

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A Spirit of Support and Continuous Improvement

In an age where self-service means no service, there is nothing more important to us that ensuring the success of our clients. Whether it means taking the time to review their shopping channel strategy with them or working with a partner to resolve technical issues – we will go above and beyond. And we’re proud to say that our work has not gone unnoticed. We are listening to feedback all the time, and are continuously developing our product and services to meet retailers’ changing needs.

Making a Name for Ourselves

Over the years we have been recognized by some of the industry’s most well-known websites and publications including Internet Retailer, Practical eCommerce, Ecommerce Bytes, Ecommerce-Guide.com, Small Business Informer and ECommerceOptimization.com.


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