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Amazon Data Management and ASIN Match

Data Management & ASIN Match

Manage all of your product info and automatically pull updates from data sources, or simplify Amazon listings by matching UPCs to relevant, top-selling ASINs.

  • Normalize catalog data
  • Automatically update product data
  • Supplement product data from multiple sources
  • Match UPCs to top-selling or relevant ASINs
  • Fix processing report errors on the spot

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Bulk Editing & Optimization

Mass modify product data, optimize listings, suppress products, adjust prices and check the quality of your data. All in one place.

  • Apply optimization rules in bulk
  • Save common rules for one-click application
  • Validate data before submitting to channels
  • Automate price adjustments using business rules
  • Fix processing report errors on the spot

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Google Feed Optimization
Google Feed Automation

Feed Automation & Order Sync

Maintain clean and up-to-date listings on all your sales channels, automate feeds and sync orders back to your online store so inventory is always current.

  • Schedule product feeds
  • Automate feed changes to channels
  • Set performance thresholds for alerts/actions
  • Sync Amazon orders back to your online store
  • Automatically update order status on Amazon

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