True Ecommerce Analytics

When it comes to your marketing investments, it doesn't pay to fly blind. GoDataFeed provides a robust and user-friendly analytics platform that measures performance by SKU, brand, channel, etc. -- and identifies patterns and outliers that may require your attention.

Maximize your campaign profitability by adding the actual cost reports from the leading shopping engines to your Analytics dashboard. Track exactly how much you’re spending on select shopping channels and decide which products to exclude before they become unprofitable.

In managing hundreds or thousands of products, it's common to let product data problems slip through the cracks. Maybe it’s a product listed under the wrong category, an item that isn’t priced competitively, or simply a hard sell.

Drill down even further to view which products are converting and manually exclude the ones that aren't directly from your Analytics interface.

Actionable Analytics Features

All-In-One Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your overall campaign health in one place

Channel Performance

Compare campaign results on different channels

Eye On Your ROI

Identify best-sellers and under-performing products

SKU Suppression

Suppress products directly from the Analytics interface

SKU Performance

Compare product performance down to the SKU level

Google Analytics

Integrated with Google Analytics for a complete view of campaign performance


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