Shopping Feed Management & Automation

The fastest, easiest way to manage and optimize your shopping feeds.

No coding. No juggling spreadsheets. No roadblocks. Just intuitive, flexible, powerful product feed automation for self-empowered marketers. Regardless of your product data needs.

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It’s easy

Drag-and-drop functionality. Preconfigured shopping feed templates. Built-in best practices.


It's quick

Automated setups. Real-time preview of data edits. Delta uploads via API.


It’s scalable

No data set is too large. Simple pricing. Unlimited integrations. Worldwide markets.


It’s flexible

Compatible with any file format. Cloud-based, easily accessible. Over 200 optimization points.


It’s innovative

Advanced data optimization tools. Rule-based automation to modify and enhance data.


It's supportive

Backed by a team of friendly and dedicated product feed experts ready to help you grow.

Get listed across Web's entire retail network.

Easily collect, structure and standardize product data -- regardless of the source, size or format -- with just a few clicks. Combine data and format it perfectly for Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, eBay and/or 200+ of the Web's top selling channels.

Automate data modifications at scale with rule-based optimization. Insert keywords into product titles and descriptions. Remove non-compliant text. Optimize and adapt feeds, no matter the destination. And speed up the distribution to get your products to market in a fraction of the time.


 73%  Less Time Managing Feeds

Create, manage, analyze, and optimize your shopping feeds faster by using our app. Average GoDataFeed users see reduce the time spent on feed optimization by 73%. 


 100%  Compliance on All Channels

Take the guesswork out of your feeds. Bypass the complexities of file-formatting and channel compliance standards and reach 100% compliance.

 30%  Boost in Performance

No bid, no budget, no magic wand can make up for bad data. If your listings lack depth, you will overpay and under-perform. That's why GoDataFeed users see a 30% boost within 90 days.


 42  Optimizations on Average

Automated optimization make it easy to customize shopping feeds for best practices. Average GoDataFeed users apply 42 automated optimizations per feed!

Trusted by 2,000 retailers

Simplified our feed formatting and submission process, and helped us grow by over 30%!


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A feed management software designed to help you grow

GoDataFeed's shopping feed management platform allows you to transform product data easily and effectively with agile and powerful features to outperform your market. Start a FREE TRIAL today and begin enjoying a better shopping feed experience. 

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