Mastering Google for Retail

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It’s been a long time since Google was just a search engine.

Google for Retail offers selling tools for pretty much every aspect of your retail
business, from promoting your local store (Local Inventory Ads) to giving you control
over how your brand is presented online (Manufacturer Center).

Yet, far too many retailers are still not taking full advantage of everything Google has
to offer. In this guide, we look at the entirety of Google’s ecommerce ecosystem and
uncover opportunities for marketers to leverage all of Google’s ecommerce platforms.

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How to Get Your Products Into Merchant Center
How to Optimize Your Product Data Using Google's Best Practices
How to Leverage Each of Google's Platforms to Sell Your Products

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Google Merchant Center
Chapter 2 Google Shopping Campaigns
Chapter 3 Dynamic Remarketing
Chapter 4 Google Manufacturer Center
Chapter 5 Google Display Network
Chapter 6 Google Local Inventory Ads
Chapter 7 Google Voice Search
Chapter 8 Ad Extensions
Chapter 9 Google Organic Search
Chapter 10 Making the Most of Everything