How to Sell on Walmart

Overcome the hurdles to selling on the world's most popular retailer.
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Merchants, meet your next big ecommerce opportunity: Since Walmart began welcoming third party sellers, they’ve shaken up the ecommerce scene. Sellers are excited. Why shouldn’t they be? The site sees 88 million unique visitors per month and is the second-most visited ecommerce site in the United States. Here at GoDataFeed, we’ve seen an increase in merchants who are eager to get their products on the marketplace.

How to Become an Approved Seller and Set Up Your Walmart Account
How to Build Your Walmart Feed and Publish Products
How to Test Orders and Go Live (and Start Selling!)

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Become an Approved Seller
Chapter 2 Set Up Your Walmart Account
Chapter 3 Build Your Feed
Chapter 4 Product Publishing and Order Testing
Chapter 5 Go Live and Start Selling
Chapter 6 Walmart Feed Automation