How Olive Nation Spiced Up Its Ecommerce Sales

March 17, 2016 in Case Studies, Ecommerce, Multi-Channel Marketing

Recognizing the opportunity in the growing online gourmet food ingredients industry, Amit Mitra and his wife started OliveNation in 2008.

“We wanted to tap into the home-based chefs, bakers and mothers who handle their family’s nutritional requirements,” said Mitra. As it so happens, Mitra’s in-laws own an olive oil farm in Italy, the inspiration behind the store. But don’t expect to find olives on their site because they don’t actually sell any. Mitra explained that he has yet to find olive’s tasty enough to sell, however they do sell olive oil along with a rich variety of extracts.

With such high culinary standards, several businesses including bakeries, ice cream manufacturers and caterers took notice, asking Mitra if OliveNation sold in bulk. How did they find him? Through Google, Amazon and word of mouth because Mitra does not employ any salespeople nor does he spend money on traditional media ads.

As his customer base grew, Mitra needed a way to streamline the process of advertising directly to consumers on shopping platforms. That's where GoDataFeed came in and that's where our story begins.

Learn how OliveNation used GoDataFeed to spice up ecommerce sales:

Go Data Feed

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