’s Gift to Merchants, $25 in free clicks offer

October 27, 2009 in Product Data Feeds

>Today we are happy to host our guest blogger, Greg Haslam, Senior VP of’s US Comparison Shopping, who will share with us Become’s gift to merchants, which includes $25 in free clicks for any new online retailers interested in listing on

Become's $25 Free Clicks Offer

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Guest Blogger: Greg Haslam from

Greetings Merchants,

Unlike other shopping engines, Become will not raise our rates for the 2009 holiday season. We have historically preferred to give our merchant partners control of their campaign strategy during this peak shopping period, and this year is no exception.

We feel it important to provide our retail partners the flexibility to adjust their bid rates on a campaign, category, or individual product level in order to optimize their listings-- especially during the critical Holiday season. This pricing strategy is based around an individual retailer’s own internal goals and performance rather than a forced increase across the board.

Logo Program Promotion
We are also decreasing the cost to participate in our logo program by half for the month of November, in order to make ancillary branding opportunities on more available for merchants with various budgets to try out.

Become’s Datafeed Optimization Tips:

  1. Merchants should always provide images and categories; missing either component will result in artificially down-ranked listings
  2. Map as deeply as possible into the Become taxonomy-- GoDataFeed has all of Become's categories built-in to its software, making it easy to categorize products
  3. The more unique identifiers one can provide, the better. Do not provide false unique identifiers just to populate the columns (e.g., 123456789 for UPC). If no data is available you can 1) leave the field(s) blank 2) omit the entire column, or 3) use internal numbers as SKUs under the SKU headers
  4. Make sure the titles are clear and concise, while important keywords are placed at the beginning of the fields; include descriptive keyword information in the product descriptions as well (size, color, brand, etc).
  5. Bid up a minimum of one cent for a quick boost to surpass those bidding at the minimums; depending on the category, bids can become competitive quickly—reviewing your bid strategy is important (especially during high shopping peaks like the holidays)
  6. Free shipping can be indicated by entering “0” in the shipping cost fields
    Provide tax and shipping information when possible. If tax is not charged in one or more states, use “0” to indicate as such in your merchant dashboard
  7. Logo placement is available on to merchants who are bidding competitively to positively affect their ranking.
  8. Update your listings as frequently as possible. Inaccurate pricing information will quickly harm conversions
  9. offers a free ROI tracker that is integrated into their merchant dashboard reporting and helps optimize listings

To learn more about listing your products on, visit GoDataFeed's Supported Shopping Channels page, or contact customerservice@godatafeed to get the $25 in free clicks today.

Nicole Santoro
Ecommerce Specialist
Nicole is an ecommerce specialist who works with hundreds of Amazon sellers and Google merchants across various industries to optimize and update their product listings and data feed campaigns. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, soaking up the rays in sunny South Florida and reading thrillers while curled up with her dog, Hamlet.