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Visit GoDataFeed at 2014 Summit

GoDataFeed Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Marketplace Order Management Now Available For Shopify

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GoDataFeed is coming to IRCE 2014 – and bringing a special friend!

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Google Migrating PLAs to Shopping Campaigns by Late August

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Going to SXSW this weekend? Let’s Meet Up.

Why We’re So Excited About Our Website Relaunch

Meet a New Face in Marketplaces:

Changes for TheFind in 2014: What Merchants Need to Know

December Brought Growth, Better Quality Traffic for GoDataFeed Merchants

Give Your Feeds Some Love in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Thank You and Happy Holidays from GoDataFeed!

GoDataFeed is now on the Shopify App Store

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Happy Halloween from the GoDataFeed Team

5 Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

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GoDataFeed Supports 3dcart ‘Advanced Options’

GoDataFeed now on BigCommerce’s App Store

3 Ways to Increase Product Exposure and ROI

Mobile represents 20% of Traffic...Is your site mobile-friendly yet?

Top 6 Best Practices to improve your feed’s data quality

How TheFind for iPad App Changes the Shopping Landscape

Happy 4th Of July

Google Shopping Feed Specs Guide

Shopzilla Announces "Single Rate" Smart Pricing

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Launch your mobile store in minutes and watch sales grow! rebranded as the eBay Commerce Network

Get Found: Increase sales through our latest Channel Promotions

New Download: Get in Front of More Shoppers, 2013 Guide

GoDataFeed is Now an Official Volusion Partner

Leveraging GoDataFeed to sell on Marketplaces

Cyber Monday & Black Friday Sales up by 30% +

GoDataFeed Now a Magento Bronze Partner

Dydacomp Teams Up With GoDataFeed

Check out our 2012 Retail eCommerce Holiday Guide

TheFind Announces New Features: Mobile, Social & Price Scanning

Shopzilla Introduces 2.0 Feed for Faster, Fresher Data

The Complete Guide to Optimized Google Shopping Campaigns

Shopzilla’s New Smart Pricing – Going Live July 18

About Google Shopping

IRCE 2012 - Connecting with the 21st Century Shopper

GoDataFeed Changing Google Feed Validation Deadline: June 5th

Reach Millions of Shoppers with Amazon Product Ads

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GoDataFeed Now Offers Seamless BigCommerce Data feeds

How to Optimize your Google Product Feed to Increase Sales

Valentine's Spending is Up! Feed Tips & Merchant Promos You'll Love

Rev up Your Shopping Engines in 2012

Online Holiday Shopping Highlights for 2011

Online Holiday Sales Expected to Increase 15%

Learn How Top 500 Retailer Increased Conversions 180% with Amazon Product Ads

Upcoming Webinar: How to Increase eCommerce Sales with Amazon Product Ads

Google Redirecting Like & Boutiques Shoppers to Google Product Search

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Google's Top 3 Feed Changes to Review by September Deadline

Back-to-School Shoppers Spending 40% More Online

Get your Google Product Search Feed Ready by Sept. Deadline

3dCart Announces Version 4, Promotion for GoDatafeed Merchants

Increase Sales with Bing Shopping's New 'Deals' Program

GoDataFeed Helps You Maximize Shopping Channel Profitability

Amazon Product Ads' New Advertising Categories

Google Enforcing New Requirements - Is Your Google Feed Ready?

Reminder: June Rate Card Changes for Several Top CSEs

Reminder: Google is Enforcing New Requirements Tomorrow, May 3rd

Amazon Product Ads Changes & Webinar Recording Now Available

GoDataFeed Supports Google's New Requirements for Unique IDs, Tax and Shipping

GoDataFeed Now Supports Amazon Product Ads Cost Reporting

Merchant Promotions we LOVE this Valentine's Day

Increase Shopping Channel Profitability with GoDataFeed's New Performance Alerts & Cost Reporting Changes to Invitation Only Shopping Channel

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Get More Exposure on this Holiday Season

Webinar: Go Social! Increase Product Exposure with Wishpot & GoDataFeed

GoDataFeed Announces Partnership with Wishpot

Bing Shopping's Webinar, Q&A Recap

Webinar: GoDataFeed Introduces Bing Shopping's Free, New Program

GoDataFeed Integrates with’s New ‘Sell On Sears’ Online Marketplace

3dcart, GoDataFeed Partner to Help Online Retailers Increase Quality Traffic

Got Medical Products? Get Listed on ShopMed, a New Medical Products Shopping Channel's New Listing Policy in Effect July 1st

GoDataFeed's Internet Retailer Interview Featured on WebmasterRadio

Bing Cashback Program Coming to an End- July 30th

Amazon Product Ads $25 Free Clicks Offer

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Increasing Sales on Google Product Search

Increase in Online Retail and Consumer Spending Indicate Economic Recovery

New Requriement for Google Merchants, Verify & Claim your Website URL by May 18th

FindGift makes Gift-Giving Easy...In Time for Mother's Day

Get Found on with its Expanded Datafeed Template, UpFront Program

Volusion API failures - GoDataFeed work-around available

Google data feeds uploaded via FTP receiving the data feed file name error

GoDataFeed Integrates with SearchSpring's Intelligent Search Solution- Webinar March 11th

GoDataFeed's Seamless ProStores Integration for Comparison Shopping Channel Marketing Introduces New Rates, Listing Policy

ShareASale Shares its Best Practices, Introduces its Aquarium Social Network

Get More Love this Valentine's Day with Feed Optimization, Merchant Promotions

Yahoo! Product Submit - PriceGrabber Partnership...What you Need to Know

Resolved to Try Social Networking in 2010? Try Sortprice's Facebook Storefront

Shoptimism....Retail Sales Greater than Expected

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ShareASale Affiliate Network Expands Datafeed Specifications

Google Shopping Updates: 2018

Online Shoppers Spend More On Dad- Are your Feeds Ready for Father's Day? Revises Feed Specifications Introduces 2 New Pricing Models & More

GoDataFeed Now Integrated with 3dCart's e-commerce platform

Optimizing your Shopping Feeds for Mother's Day Reduces Minimum Deposit to $100, Launches Reduced CPC Promo

Spring Forward with GoDataFeed

GoDataFeed Now Supports’s Eco-Friendly Shopping Site

GoDataFeed Adds, Leading Entertainment E-Tailer, Expanding Retailers’ Reach in Foreign Markets

Amazon Product Ads Launches FTP & Merchant Webinar Feb. 25 at 10 am PST

GoDataFeed Hearts its Supported eCommerce Platforms

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GoDataFeed's Top 10 Holiday Datafeed Optimization Tips

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Smarter Offers $50 Sign Up Bonus for GoDataFeed Clients

GoDataFeed Data Feed Management Solution Now Integrated with eBay Stores Releases its v2.0 Data Feed Management & Optimization Software

Increasing Conversions on Comparison Shopping Sites

Recently Released: Online Retailer Shortcuts: Automating Product Feeds to Multiple Shopping Sites

GoDataFeed Now Seamlessly Integrated with Volusion 5.0 Stores

Tips for Tracking Real-Time Sales and Clicks with GoDataFeed