The Amazon Optimization Guide

A roadmap to success in the Amazon Marketplace.
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Selling on Amazon can be an extension of a brand's marketing reach or the core of a reseller's strategies. Either way, a well-developed Amazon selling strategy is a must-have for most online retailers. And it all begins with really good product listings. In this ebook, we break down the differences in strategy for Brand Owners and Resellers and give you the insights required for properly optimized Amazon listings.

Best Practices for Retailers
Best Practices for Brand Owners
Retailer and Brand Owner Checklists

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Fulfillment
Chapter 2 The Buy Box
Chapter 3 Inventory Management
Chapter 4 Promotions
Chapter 5 Seller Performance
Chapter 6 Retailer Checklist
Chapter 7 Retailer Checklist
Chapter 8 Images
Chapter 9 Listing Titles
Chapter 10 Descriptions
Chapter 11 Keywords
Chapter 12 Bullet Points
Chapter 13 Variations
Chapter 14 Product Reviews
Chapter 15 Sponsored Products
Chapter 16 Category-Specific Attributes
Chapter 17 Brand Owner Checklist
Chapter 18 About Us