Performance Alerts

Performance Alerts

Receive an email alert based on rules you set

Set Goals

Set performance goals that match your company's needs

Automate Reporting

Set daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly alert schedules

Customize Reports

Track different criteria for different channels Testimonial

An Amazing Tool

GoDataFeed is a very affordable, easy-to-use solution that is a necessity for anyone managing comparison shopping feeds. GoDataFeed is a very affordable, easy-to-use solution, and their service is excellent. They are always available to assist with feeds.

Mike Baranov, Director of Online Operations

Performance Automation

You're juggling dozens of tasks at a time, so let us take one of them off of your plate. Performance Automation constantly watches your campaigns so you don't have to. Get alerts instantly so you can determine the appropriate action -- increase bidding, suppress products or add products to more engines. With Performance Automation, you won't miss a beat -- or a sale.

Flag Important Issues

Performance Automation are designed to ensure your campaigns are healthy and profitable by constantly measuring their vital signs and providing you valuable insights that will ensure you maximize your opportunities and minimize your costs. With Performance Automation you can monitor key performance indicators and take immediate action.

Seize Opportunities to Sell More

How do you know the most opportune time to increase exposure on certain product ads? With Performance Automation, getting ahead of emerging trends like a sudden uptick in clicks or conversions is easy.

Stop Under-Performing Ads Automatically

Put marketing funds spent on non-converting clicks back to work for other listings. Choose the option to automatically suppress products that meet the conditions you set in the Performance Alert, and you won't have to touch your feed. Set it once, and GoDataFeed will do the rest.


2-Minute Demo

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