Marketplace Performance Marketing Suite

Marketplaces can be a major driver of sales for online retailers, representing as much as 35% of online business. Ensuring your product data is up to date and compliant on each marketplace, however, can be challenging and time consuming.

GoDataFeed changes that. Our full suite of marketplace marketing tools makes optimizing your marketplace product listings more efficient and more effective. Our solution empowers you to be more competitive on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Rakuten by giving you complete control over listing attributes like product pricing, inventory levels, product titles and product descriptions.

GoDataFeed's marketplace marketing platform doesn't just automate product data feeds -- it ensures that your product listings conform to each marketplace's requirements and that product data is accurate, up-to-date and optimized -- even if your products contain variations.

Can one solution automate marketplace tasks and help your products reach optimal exposure? With intelligent and intuitive software, a seamless integration process, and a friendly and helpful U.S.-based support team, GoDataFeed is designed to do just that. Talk to an ecommerce expert today to see how GoDataFeed can help your business.

Marketplace Features

Optimize and Customize

Make product listings compliant and unique for each marketplace

Suppress Products

Filter out specific products from marketplace listings

Supplemental Data

Supplement product data from additional sources with Merge File

Automate Changes

Refresh marketplace listings with scheduled feed submissions

Filter Products

Apply filters for any criteria to adapt your product selection

Sync Orders

Synchronize marketplace orders to supported platforms

Refresh Inventory

Automate marketplace inventory updates from your ecommerce platform

Update Order Status

Automatically updates order status on marketplaces

Match ASINs

Simplify Amazon listings by matching your UPCs to top-selling or relevant ASINs

Adjust Pricing

Adjust pricing automatically based on business rules and pricing needs

Digital Warehouse

Use marketplace product data on other feeds with ASINs or UPCs

Fix Errors

Get feedback and correct processing report errors on the spot


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