Cost Reporting

Ecommerce Cost Reporting

Not all metrics are created equal. Cost Reporting helps you maximize ROI by homing in on key performance indicators so you can address problems and identify opportunities. Cost Reporting helps you track individual product performance as well as compare performance across channels so you can optimize campaigns at SKU and campaign level.

Accurately measure real ad spend and assess your campaign's performance. Quickly and easily analyze the data with powerful metrics such as Impressions, Cost of Sale Percentage (COS%), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Average Cost per Click (Avg. CPC) and Estimated Cost of Sale (ECOS).

Access the vital campaign metrics provided through the Cost Reporting module to invest your marketing funds where you'll get the biggest return. Compare the performance of individual SKUs across different shopping engines.

Identify products that are not pulling their weight so you can focus on adjusting your bidding, changing your marketing strategy or excluding the product. Maximize campaign profitability by determining which ads to adjust or products to exclude before they become unprofitable.

Cost Reporting Features

Go Beyond Clicks

Compare the average CPC of different SKUs or channels and measure cost per conversion

Maintain Profitability

Identify products with high ad costs eating into profits

ROI Driven

Identify top performering products that drive ROI

Allocate Spend

Uncover winning product/channel combinations so you can invest confidently

SKU Suppression

Suppress products directly from the Analytics interface

Automate Actions

Trigger automatic removal of products based on cost data


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