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Streamline how you publish your digital catalog and get better results on Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay, Walmart and 200+ channels by optimizing product data, automating feed submissions and tracking performance with true ecommerce analytics.

GoDataFeed's shopping feed app for the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform allows you to seamlessly send your online product catalog to 200+ comparison shopping engines, marketplaces, social platforms, mobile apps and remarketing channels.

Need help installing the Oracle Cloud Commerce app or choosing the right shopping channels for your store? Our team of data feed specialists are here to help you get your Oracle product feeds optimized and listed, empowering you to reach millions of shoppers on the Web's top sales channels.

In addition to our Oracle-integrated data feed solution, GoDataFeed has taken steps to bring your marketplace orders back to your shopping cart with GoOrderSync. It's all automated so say goodbye to data entry, inventory problems and overselling.


Turnkey integration for Oracle Commerce Cloud
200+ available ecommerce channels
Remove roadblocks to valid shopping feeds
Normalize, merge data from multiple sources
Ecommerce analytics with SKU-level reporting
Monitor product and channel success

Shopping Feeds


Automate Feeds

Maintain clean and up-to-date listings by dynamically updating product listings daily

Optimize Listings

Apply custom rules to normalize data, concatenate fields and optimize listings

Maximize Exposure

Increase seach relevance with channel-specific taxonomies for easy categorization

Suppress Products

Adapt catalog with product filters such as availability, brands, pricing limits, etc.

Data Feed Quality

Feed Scores and SKU-based reports provide markers for product data improvement

Control Profitability

Identify ROI winners and losers and automate profit-driven campaign decisions

Marketplace Listings



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Your Team Rocks!

GoDataFeed rocks! I know that I can count them to market our products without a hitch.

Tammy Marchi, Digital Project Manager