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Product Feed & Marketplace Listing Suite

Streamline how you publish your digital catalog and get better results on Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay, Walmart and 200+ channels by optimizing product data, automating feed submissions and tracking performance with true ecommerce analytics.

GoDataFeed's shopping feed app for 3dCart's ecommerce platform allows you to seamlessly send your online product catalog to 100+ comparison shopping engines and marketplaces. You can easily download this App in the 3dCart App Store or click the "Start Trial" button at the top of our website.

Need help installing the 3dCart App or choosing the right shopping engines for your store? Our team of data feed specialists are here to help you get your 3dCart product feeds optimized and listed, empowering you to reach millions of shoppers on the best channels for your products.

In addition to our 3dCart-integrated data feed solution, GoDataFeed has taken steps to bring your marketplace orders back to your shopping cart with GoOrderSync. It's all automated so say goodbye to data entry, inventory problems and overselling.

3dcart App Features


Maintain data accuracy by syncing product updates across platforms and channels


Mass modify product attributes, adjust pricing and filter/suppress products

Actionable Analytics

Monitor performance, identify trends and take action to maximize ROI


Synchronize marketplace order fulfillment to ecommerce platforms or custom API


Get feedback from marketplaces and correct processing report errors on the spot


Set product data imports and product feed submissions schedules

Custom Configuration

Import via API or FTP/HTTP, create custom feeds and imports, and clone feeds


Get notifications when errors occur or when performance dips below thresholds

Data Acquisition

Manage multiple sources of data, supplement product info and stack attributes


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