New Features

The Tool You've Been Waiting For

To help you meet online retail’s ever-growing demands, GoDataFeed has evolved with a new, robust platform that helps you achieve better product listings, offers more powerful product optimization and reporting tools and is hosted on Rackspace’s industry-leading backbone.

Full-Stack Product Listing Platform

We worked with retailers and agencies to identify the needs of the industry professionals who build, edit, optimize and publish product data across the Web. Using that information, we developed a single, full-stack platform that goes beyond traditional data-feed software capabilities.

Powerful Features, Intuitive Functionality

The new GoDataFeed combines a long list of powerful features and with intuitive functionality to cover every aspect of data feed management.

The Complete Feed Management Solution

Listing optimization? Data feed automation? Ecommerce analytics? It's now all in one feed management tool set.

Importing and Mapping Features

Powerful Importing and Mapping Engine

  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Hundreds of Unique Fields
  • Multiple Data Sources and Supplemental Data
  • Automatic FTP Assignment
  • Multiple Product Import Times
  • Instant Feedback on Missing Information From Product Data
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Bulk Editing Features

Bulk Editing and Optimization Tools

  • Include Multiple Conditions and Condition Sets Into One Rule
  • Global Rules to Apply Rules Quickly and Easily Across Feeds
  • Enhanced Condition Parameters
  • Replace Text Feature
  • Append Alphanumeric values
  • Append UTM and Third-Party Tracking to Product URLs in Bulk
  • Map Attributes to Imported Data AND Feed-Created Data
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Product Analytics Suite

Product Analytics Suite

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Performance Trend Reports
  • Performance Automation
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Intuitive Feed Management

Intuitive Feed Management

  • Custom Feed Generation
  • Feed Cloning:
    • Product Data
    • Field Mapping
    • Taxonomy
    • Filters
    • Rules
  • Ability to Activate/Deactivate Feeds
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Amazon and Marketplace Upgrades

Amazon and Marketplace Upgrades

  • ASIN Match
  • Digital Product Warehouse
  • Inventory Feeds
  • Processing Reports
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Agency Tools

Agency Tools

  • User Roles
  • Store-by-Store Billing Breakdown
  • Emailed Reports
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