Walmart Marketplace Integration sees over 80 million unique shoppers every month. That puts Walmart in the Top 3 most popular shopping sites on the Web. Third-party sellers looking to get their products on and the Walmart mobile app will need the right integration in order to properly connect to Walmart, feed products and sync order information.

GoDataFeed has worked closely with Walmart to establish a seamless integration for retailers to publish their products on the Walmart marketplace. Integrate your products with a Walmart API integration, get synchronized inventory updates and inventory feeds, manage refunds, handle processing errors, optimize product listings and categorize products.

Walmart API Integration

GoDataFeed integrates with Walmart via to streamline and improve how you connect to Walmart's marketplace. GoDataFeed's REST API integration with Walmart's marketplace is features resource-oriented URLs that are predictable and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

Walmart Inventory Updates

Create Walmart feeds by importing product data or update existing product listings with fresh, current data. Automated feed scheduling allows you to import data into Walmart's marketplace seamlessly from multiple sources of product information into ensuring Walmart listings are always up-to-date with your ecommerce platform or ERP.

Walmart Inventory Feeds

Avoid overselling with hourly updates. By matching your ecommerce platform or ERP's inventory and pricing to active SKUs, GoDataFeed's Walmart Inventory Feeds update your product information quickly and effectively on the Walmart marketplace.


Manage refunds in GoDataFeed's Walmart dashboard. With full and partial refund capabilities, you can issue refunds on any one product, shipping or any combination.

Processing Reports

GoDataFeed's Walmart integration simplifies the error handling process. In one dashboard, you can review processing errors and use the click-to-fix functionality to see the error-causing data and make necessary adjustments.

Order Management

15 min sync back to ecom plat and erp Sync Walmart Marketplace orders back to your ecommerce platform or ERP with GoOrderSync. Orders, order tracking and shipping information are synchronized to your ecommerce platform within 15 minutes.

Listing Optimization

Optimize Walmart Marketplace listings with a full suite of optimization tools. Edit Walmart listings in bulk, optimize product titles and descriptions with keyword insertion, manually reprice products for optimum sales, and more.


support all major templates - no taxonomy; it's based on product types and uses categories/subcategories GoDataFeed uses Walmart's own categorization templates, which are based on product types and employ a category/subcategory structure. All major Walmart category templates are supported.

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