How It Works

Ease the burden of multichannel marketing. Normalize product data. Syndicate listings across channels. All from one easy-to-use dashboard.

This is how we turn raw product data into successful ecommerce marketing campaigns:

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  1. Create a Master Product Feed

    Sync your products from all your data sources. That includes shopping cart, dropshipper files, agency optimizations... all your data sources. Merge product data and normalize it into a master feed file that's ready for distribution. Simplify how you manage product data and cut the need to juggle files.

  2. Optimize and Sync Product Data

    Categorize products using built-in templates. Optimize product data in bulk: titles, descriptions, pricing, etc. Automate syndication. Updates to source data are automatically synced across sales channels.

  3. Sell, Analyze, Repeat

    Measure performance with a ecommerce-specific analytics. See exactly what you're spending. Measure product ad performance by channel and SKU. Set performance alerts and automate actions to safeguard positive ROI.

Manage, merge and normalize data from all sources into one master product data feed.

Edit attributes without altering source data. Automate updates for ongoing enhancements.

Amplify reach based on data quality (NOT budget). Get more clicks without raising ad spend.

Boost KPIs like CTR, Conversions and Conversion Rates while reducing click costs.

Bypass common compliance issues for each of your channel's unique data feed requirements.

Automate order management. Sync order updates and statuses to and from your shopping cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial work?

Simple: Sign up for an account. You will only pay $0.99 for the first month -- this is to ensure a working credit card is on file. If you cancel during your trial period, you will not be charged again.

What is included in my trial?

Your trial comes with 2 PPC feed setups (marketplaces not included) and full access to all of our features.

Do you offer a FREE trial?

Yes we do, but you have to request it from our sales team. Contact us for a promo code or schedule a demo.

Is there a cost for support?

No. Free support via phone, email and chat is included with all memberships.

Can GoDataFeed do all my feed setups?

Yes! Our ecommerce experts will gladly set up your feeds according to specs for your category and the channel you want to sell on. In fact, a lot of our customers delegate ALL of their feed setups to us.

  • “The GoDataFeed team rocks! I know that I can always count on the GoDataFeed team to market our products without a hitch.”
  • “GoDataFeed simplified our feed formatting and submission process, increased feed updates and helped us grow by over 30%!”
  • “A necessity for shopping feeds. GoDataFeed is a very affordable, easy-to-use solution, and their service is excellent.
  • “Implementation and integration was a breeze. The turnaround time and the precise answers are an absolute pleasure.”
  • “Our conversion rates have tripled. Without GoDataFeed, there would be a significant increase in hours and resources.”
  • “Feed specs are mapped and customized for each channel so our product data is being represented accurately.”
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