It’s a great time to have a WooCommerce store.

On the heels of the big merger with WordPress, another Woo-nion has a lot of merchants excited about their ecommerce future: simplification of product feed marketing through GoDataFeed’s newest integration with WooCommerce.

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Why This Is Important

For years GoDataFeed has supported merchants on a variety of top shopping cart platforms with the tools and support they needed to seamlessly automate, optimize and maximize their multi-channel product listings. Now WooCommerce merchants can easily publish their digital catalogs on all major shopping destinations like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten (, NewEgg, Nextag and many more.

How GoDataFeed Helps WooCommerce Stores

Put simply, GoDataFeed is going to make the marketing of your WooCommerce store easier, faster, better. Here’s how:

  • Quickly map your product data to your choice of 100+ shopping channels, marketplaces, mobile apps and social commerce,  using our powerful mapping engine and channel-specific taxonomies
  • Easily customize and optimize your product feed data (i.e., titles, descriptions, categories, variations, etc.) and get expert feed-setup support
  • Automate product updates across all your shopping channels by simply updating your WooCommerce store
  • Track product performance across all your shopping channels using our robust (and free) built-in GoDataFeed analytics suite
  • Suppress products based on performance, inventory levels and custom rules rules set by you
  • Maximize ROI by applying business rules using a wide set of criteria, from SKUs to custom labels to categories and more

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Then there’s GoOrderSync.

GoOrderSync completes the ecommerce cycle by consolidating and syncing your marketplace orders from Amazon, eBay and Rakuten back to your WooCommerce shopping cart.

  • No more data entry
  • No more inventory problems
  • No more overselling
  • No more manually tracking orders
  • No more updating your CRM

GoOrderSync is the WooCommerce solution to your order-syncing problem.

How to Get Started

To welcome WooCommerce retailers into the GoDataFeed family, we made the process really simple:

  1. Start your 30-day risk-free trial (it’s just $0.99 and there’s no contracts; cancel anytime)
  2. Then our awesome support team will send you documentation to walk you through setting up your GoDataFeed account
  3. Once your account is ready, our product feed experts will set up your first 2 feeds (this is a $198 value that comes free with your trial)

Manage your WooCommerce store as usual and GoDataFeed will automatically pull changes and push them to your feed campaigns. Then sit back, relax and watch your WooCommerce store generate sales from all the new channels and product exposure.

That’s it. Automating and optimizing your WooCommerce multi-channel marketing feeds is that easy. But if you still have questions, speak to one of the feed experts at 1-866-340-6619 ext. 1 and they’ll gladly help you find the right solution for you.

WooCommerce & GoDataFeed: the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship