Google is sunsetting its Trusted Stores program in favor of the new(ish) Google Customer Reviews.

What is Google Customer Reviews? It’s a free program that lets you gather and display reviews from shoppers using Google customer surveys that are sent to shoppers who’ve recently made a purchase on your site. These reviews will then be eligible to be applied toward your overall seller ratings.

Seller ratings can then be displayed in your Google Shopping PLAs (and Search Ads too). Additionally, a Google Customer Reviews badge that can be displayed on your online store.

Google Customer Reviews Features

  • Google Customer Reviews opt-in: An offer that appears to all customers after checkout. Users who opt-in may receive an email from Google Customer Reviews asking them to rate their experience with your store.
  • Google Customer Reviews badge: A badge on your site that helps users easily identify your site with the Google brand. The badge displays the seller rating score of 1-5 stars and can be placed on any page on your site.
  • Google Customer Reviews survey: The survey is an optional, brief questionnaire that enables customers to rate their purchase experiences with your site.
  • Seller ratings: An aggregate score that appears on search ads and Google Shopping, as well on Google Customer Reviews badges.

How to Start Using Customer Reviews

  1. Configure your account
  2. Sign the program agreement
  3. Prepare your team for technical integration
  4. Integrate the survey opt-in
  5. Integrate the badge code
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Google Customer Reviews Is Replacing Google Trusted Stores