Additional Services

Beyond our product data feed service plans for comparison shopping engines and marketplaces, GoDataFeed offers the following additional services for a one-time fee.

Feed Setups

Beyond your first two free feed setups, you can set up the rest of the feed campaigns yourself or save time by requesting additional feed setups for a one-time fee of $99 per channel. Our feed specialists will optimize, apply business rules or filters, validate and automate your feed submissions to ensure your product listings always reflect accurate stock status.

Custom Imports

Do you want to import only a subset of your website’s products or need to change product data before importing it into GoDataFeed? Then you can request a Custom Import for a one-time charge, starting at $250. Just open a ticket in your GoDataFeed account, detailing your ecommerce platform, business goals and requirements.

Custom Feeds

If there’s a channel you want to submit to that we don’t currently support, you can request a custom feed creation for a one-time charge, starting at $250. Simply open a ticket in your GoDataFeed account with the name of the shopping channel, affiliate network or ecommerce service you want to submit your products to, as well as their datafeed specifications.

More Information:How Our Self-Service Model Works | FAQs



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